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Did you know that Microsoft Project Online runs inside Microsoft Teams? This gives you one lens for your day and all of your project and portfolio management information.
Why are companies rapidly adopting Microsoft Teams?
Teams gives you one place to do everything.
Many people know of Teams as a place to do meetings and even use it for making regular phone calls.
Companies are also using it for document management and collaboration – to build understanding and generate new ideas.
You can also author and updates artefacts like documents, spreadsheets and presentations right in Teams, using Office 365.
Teams is also being used to automate forms and business processes, and view analytical reports.
You can use web-based or specialized apps for Teams to do centralized business functions like Finance, HR, and Procurement, using popular ERP and CRM systems. As well, you can download many more apps that run right inside Teams. Of course, using Power Apps and Power Automate you can extend Teams even further.
Finally, Teams runs in a browser, in an app on your desktop, or in a mobile app on a smartphone or tablet. So, with Teams you can easily access the apps and information you need wherever you need it, and this includes Microsoft Project.
With Microsoft Project Online running in Teams …
You can see all of your project and portfolio metrics from Power BI
You can see all the projects in the project center and see different views and tables, with grouping and filtering.
You can initiate projects, perhaps gathering ideas using a Power Apps form, and routed through your teams to gather more information using Power Automate
You can view and use the Project Schedule
You can see and use the Project site
And you can use extended functionality in Teams, like Change Requests. Perhaps with some of that coming from customizations using the Power Platform.

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